With recent weather and possible risks, be careful this weekend when it comes to fires.

It is going to be a beautiful weekend in Michigan and that means many of us are going to try and tackle last-minute yard work before the snow begins to fall. This time of year, the smell of brush fires and bonfires lingers in the air and it smells great. However, with the recent nice temperatures and lack of rain, burning this weekend comes with risks.

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The Michigan Department of Natural Resources wants to remind you to check the current status of burn permits in your area before you start burning up those leaves and fallen branches. Burn permits are required statewide and you can check the status of your area here or by visiting michigan.gov/burnpermit. You can also contact your local municipality or fire department.

If you would like to burn, check online for the current status of burn permits in your area,...Dry leaves add to the fuel on the ground that can make a fire take off quickly...said Paul Rogers, fire prevention specialist for the DNR’s Forest Resources Division. 

The area in Michigan with the highest potential for a fire this weekend is the southern Lower Peninsula. On Wednesday, Livingston County firefighters fought a 100-acre fire.

According to the burn permit map, permits are not being issued in Genesee County today. If you are looking to burn or have a fire at your home this weekend, be sure to contact your local fire department or government office first.

Source: Michigan DNR


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