I understand Pokemon Go isn't everyone's cup of tea, but for me, it reminds me of a fun part of my childhood. Plus, it's a fun, little way to take a walk. But truth be told, I haven't played in a while. That is until I saw this news... Pokemon Go has received a huge update!

According to Mashable, it all began back in December when "baby Pokemon were added to the game." After that new addition, rumors began to swirl about another possible update. Well, it's confirmed, the world of Pokemon Go is getting even bigger!

New additions to Pokemon Go Include:

  • 80 new Pokemon - Most of these new Pokemon come from Generation Two. 
  • Two new berries - Players of the mobile game, or "Trainers", know that "razz berries" are used in the game while trying to "catch" a wild Pokemon. You feed the "razz berry" to the Pokemon, and it makes it easier to capture. "The general idea is that... it increases the odds that a Pokemon won't block your next throw or bust out of the Pokeball." These two new berries, the "pinap berry" and "nanab berry", double the amount of candy you get if you successfully catch that particular Pokemon on the next throw and slow down the movements of the Pokemon, respectively.
  • Evolution stones - These stones will allow you to evolve Generation 1 Pokemon into their Generation 2 counterparts, but no word on how to get the evolution stones just yet.
  • Customizing your Avatar - The game has a "new selection of hats, shirts, pants, and other items" for you to choose from to customize your Avatar.

Get more details on the new updates expected for Pokemon Go, HERE.

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