Okay, it's not really called a "smelly fork." (Even though I think that's pretty catchy.) It's actually being called the 'Aroma Fork' and it's available NOW! It's a utensil that uses specially-designed scent diffusers to enhance your meals with various scents. So, the next time you eat your favorite pasta, you can use your aroma fork and actually choose to smell coffee while you eat your pasta. Huh?!

According to their official website, "The AROMAFORK provides a flow of aromas upon inhalation, therefore doubling the flavors your brain can [analyze]!" One 59-dollar kit includes 4 Aromaforks, 21 selected aromas, scent droppers, papers for diffusing the scents on the fork, and one "multi-sensory evening program." Sounds delightful, right? Well, Christmas is just around the corner and perhaps you could buy this for the person that has everything...or not.