Okay so that's not what I think it's called, but this is what I'm calling it. The COVID-19 Cut.

It of course is the haircut that you are able to finally get after your barber or your hair salon has been able to reopen after being closed for years after Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer's orders due to the Coronavirus.

Okay, I'm just kidding about the "years" part...No barber or hair salon was closed for years. But humor me here. If the last time you got a haircut was February 14th and then you finally got a haircut today, well my friend it can certainly feel like years. A lot of years.

I originally thought that I was going to have to wait until today to get a haircut because before COVID-19, my barber was open Tuesday through Saturday. Well, I had since found out that due to the fact that the shop had been closed for three months, when they came back their new hours would be Monday through Saturday. Monday!!! Well I wasted no time getting over there on Monday. Well actually I did waste time since I wasn't able to get over there until Monday afternoon. Only to find out that, yes...they were booked solid. Which is cool because even though I wasn't able to get a haircut on Monday, my barbers were able to jump back in a get a lot of well deserved business after having to be sidelined for a quarter of a year. I want every business to do well as we move through the Phases as we get back but it is cool to see that my locally owned and operated barber shop can get back up and running.

So as I originally thought...today Tuesday, was the day I was able to get back in and finally get a way overdue haircut. It actually didn't take as long as I had anticipated even though there was a lot of my hair everywhere, and I was very happy to finally get it done.

And you know what? Right now I feel about 20 pounds lighter.

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