According to Rolling Stone, in a shocking development, cassette tapes are making a return. In 2014, the National Audio Company in Springfield, MO sold 10 million pre-recorded cassette tapes. In 2015, business was up 31% and business just increased in 2016.


Nowadays, National Audio sends out about 100,000 cassette tapes every day - some are older albums that people want on cassette. And some are from new bands that are so cool, you've probably never heard of them. These new artists can't afford to press vinyl albums, but they want to be able to sell their music after their shows. Country music can't be far behind. I can see Eric Church or Kasey Musgraves having music on cassettes.

And why are cassette tapes cool again? C'mon. You already know. Because you can't hold (or collect in a box) digital downloads. And when you get mad at somebody, you can't throw their favorite digital downloads out the car window, to make a point during a messy break-up.

Not that you ever did that, I'm sure.



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