Does anyone else get the creeps looking at pictures or videos of shipwrecks or is it just me? There is no way in heck, I'm about to go out into some open water like Chef Gordon Ramsay just did.

He recently visited the U.P. and you'll be able to catch his visit on Nat Geo's "Uncharted."

The show covers Ramsay's adventures to remote places around the world. Not only is he diving into different cultures and cuisines, but he's also learning from the local chefs and competing with them.

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The third season kicks off on Monday, May 31. Don't forget to mark your calendar for Sunday, July 25, because that's when the episode airs.

What to expect on the U.P. "Uncharted" episode

Ramsay will be working on Michigan pasty's with Mabel Gray's chef, James Rigato. Mabel Gray is located in Hazel Park and offers dishes like Crispy Spiced Lamb Ribs and Charcoal Grilled American Red Snapper.

Do you think he screams at them to do better on the show? I've never watched any episodes, so I actually have no idea.

But I can hear it now, "No, you idiot, that's not how one makes a pasty. Who taught you how to cook, your three year old sister?"

He'll also dive into Lake Superior amongst shipwrecks to search for burbot, a cod-like fish. Did you know that 7 famous ships were lost in Lake Superior? The SS Edmund Fitzgerald was one of them.

For more information on National Geographic's "Chef Ramsay: Uncharted" visit MLive's website.

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