If it's summertime in Michigan, people are camping. In fact, people come from all over the world to camp here. And if you live here, the roads are empty, business is slow and you never have to wait in much of a line, because everybody is...(all together) UP NORTH!


In a tent or an RV or in an old cabin that's just a glorified tent. But now, you can go "glamping" in Michigan - glamorous camping. Camping in a tent that looks like it's a set for a movie version of "1001 Arabian Nights".

Irene Woods used to go camping as a kid. She remembers waking up with wet blankets sometime and having her food eaten by raccoons, so she decided to bring a drier, less rabid experience to campers who were willing to pay for it. According to MLive.com, her camping site, near South Haven, is called The Fields. There, for $329 a night you'll get a tent with a king-sized bed, a full bathroom with hot and cold running water, a wood-burning stove and a chef who comes in every morning to make breakfast. And it's 15 minutes from South haven's beaches.

I may be able to provide this for a lower price. As long as you realize a pasture is bigger than a king-sized bed, a fire pit is ALMOST a wood-burning stove and a cold running creek will be provided. And your chef is named "Dad". And he will give you your choice of hot dogs or pancakes. But mostly hot dogs.



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