This past weekend I was in Okemos. Right there on the corner of Okemos Rd. and Grand River, there was a mom and two kids holding up hand made signs.


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The pandemic has hit us all a little different. The way we do things, interact with each other, and HOW WE GET OUR GIRL SCOUT COOKIE FIX.

Going about ordering them like we used to has definitely changed. Covid-19 has hurt a lot of organizations overall, especially our future female entrepreneurs in the cookie game.

So they're out and about getting the word and the cookies out as best they can.

If you're seeking YOUR Girl Scout cookie fix, look no further. We've got several ways you can do so here in Mid-Michigan.

First off, check in with out friends at Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan.

They are encouraging DRIVE-THRU outdoor cookie booths and more to encourage social distancing and safety.

Drive-thru, outdoor cookie booths and nut huts are still taking place, and we encourage girls to continue promoting their online stores as they put their entrepreneurial skills to use while wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and hosting outdoor booths. Drive-thru opportunities help to ensure safe social distancing while helping girls celebrate accomplishing their goals. (Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan)


And if you're looking for a drive-thru cookie booth or location but can't seem to find or stumble on one like I did in Okemos, have no fear.

There's an APP for that. And it's free in the App Store or on Google Play.

Google Play Store
Google Play Store
Google Play Store

You can also email to find a local Mid-Michigan Girl Scout trying to reach her goal. (Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan)

You can even enter you zip code HERE.

Get your cookie fix and help our future women leaders and businesswomen achieve their goals. Find out more from Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan.

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