This probably isn't going to be very popular with people that cut hair for a living.

I was looking in the mirror the other day (no, I don't mean this would be unpopular with people that cut hair for a living, at least I don't think so...) but as I was looking in the mirror while I was combing my hair I wondered...when was the last time I got my hair cut?

I checked and it had been 8 weeks. Now I have always said (or at least I used to say) that I get my hair cut every 8 weeks whether I need it or not. So now would be the right time to head to the barber shop. But as I was considering the trip it hit me that my hair didn't really look that out of control for 8 weeks.

I would imagine that since it had been 17 weeks and change between my pre-quarantine haircut and my post-quarantine haircut I don't get very shocked now at my hair just growing for 8 weeks. I guess you could say I'm now kind of immune?

I heard some guy say the other day that he hadn't had a haircut in 6 months. Now I'm pretty sure that if I let my hair grow for 6 months I'd end up looking like that hairy guy that plays drums on the Muppets. What's his name? Animal. That's it. I think I would look like Animal. However, I'm thinking that maybe I can stretch out the haircuts now to maybe every 10 weeks? That would mean I would be getting my hair cut 5 times a year instead of 6.

Maybe save a little cash. This might be the unpopular part with people who cut hair. The part about me being cheap.

But...the jury is still out and I'll probably end up caving and head off to the barber sooner than later.

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