The two words that motivate someone to go do something, especially here in the radio community, it's FREE FOOD.

Krispy Kreme came up with a new promotion in hopes to get people out and about to get their COVID-19 vaccine, and for you to get a free sugary treat.

All you have to do is go to any Krispy Kreme shop with that Vaccine Card, and you've got yourself one of their Original Glazed donuts.

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All you need is a shot from either Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, or the Pfizer vaccine to get a donut, with 1 or both of your shots. Those who are hoping to flash a sticker that they got with their vaccine, will be disappointed, as these won't be considered proper proof of evidence.

This isn't a one-and-done deal though. This deal applies every day! That's right, if you want a free drought every day, all you need is your vaccination card.

The promotion is set to run through the end of 2021 at any US location, but the offer cannot be redeemed with any online order. And you don't have to worry either, anyone in your car can get this promo applied to their order too, as long as they have their card with them.

You can get more of this tasty deal, here.

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