I hate to jinx things...but did anyone notice the gas prices on their way into work this morning? According to AAA Michigan, the average gas prices statewide are down about 10 cents from a week ago to about $2.82 per gallon. (Shh...don't tell them but it was actually down to $2.69 at the Speedway near the radio station on Jolly Road early this morning.) Triple A Michigan says that the average price for self-serve regular unleaded is about 6 cents less than a year ago and marks the first weekly decrease in over two months. However, they do warn consumers in Michigan that more increases are expected this spring.(Boo!)

Triple A says that the state's highest average price for self-server regular unleaded gasoline was about $2.90 a gallon in the Marquette area. Click here to find out more and to see the latest prices...and again...hoping I didn't jinx anything!


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