If you want to add some great vinyl to your collection, Garth Brooks is going to be releasing a LEGACY VINYL COLLECTION today! According to a video he posted on his Facebook page, the limited edition three-box set will be available starting at 7pm tonight. Each box will contain the first-ever, multi-album offering of TRIPLE LIVE, NO FENCES, IN PIECES, THE CHASE, and FRESH HORSES.  Five CDs will be included too--all with bonus tracks.

Each box set will come with its own unique number. For instance, if you have a wedding date, birth date or whatever, you'll be able to add your own 6-digit special number to the box set. Supplies will be VERY limited for the first window of sales for the limited edition three-box set...so don't procrastinate. By the way, as he always tries to do, Garth is trying to keep the price low for everyone and the box set during the first window of sales will be $100 (shipping included).

To learn more about the limited edition LEGACY VINYL COLLECTION, watch the video below and at 7pm tonight (Tuesday, February 26th) be sure to go to garthbrooks.com/vinyl.

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