So many great people lost their job when the pandemic hit. I of course was one of them. My job was eliminated in Detroit, but the good news is I landed a great new job here at WITL in Lansing. God closes one door and opens a window, huh?  It seems that more people are getting hired and more opportunities seem to be opening up as we get closer to the election. Unemployment was the lowest it's ever been last year at this time. So let's hope the worse is behind us.

If you are looking for a new gig or know someone that is, check out UPS. Here are some of the Michigan jobs available at UPS. They are hiring 100 thousand new employees and many will be right here in Michigan. UPS says that with the upcoming holidays there will be a heavy demand for new workers. I bet this year more and more folks will be shopping online because of the pandemic, which makes sense.

UPS of course is ranked 41 in the country on the fortune 500 list. They are looking for 400 driver helpers, around 200 part time package handlers, and also part time drivers (would be fun driving that big truck around) plus part time supervisors. I know for a fact that UPS has great benefits

And check out the salary. Pay range is $16 per/hour to nearly 22 bucks an hour. That's pretty good money even if you already have a job and want to earn little extra income over the holidays.

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