We all love tasty foods like egg rolls, tacos, beef jerky, pulled pork, apple turnovers and tamales. And these days people are all looking for a way to bring in more income. Facebook Marketplace has these and many other varieties of foods for sale, and that could be dangerous and unhealthy.

WILX is reporting that many people who are selling food on Facebook may not be making the food in licensed kitchens. This should be a concern I guess because if someone is selling food made in their kitchen, then there is no one regulating it to be safe. How does anybody know how well these kitchens are cleaned and maintained?

One of my concerns would be, I know restaurants can be fined if food is not stored at the right temperature. How do we know that is being done if food is sold privately? Also, what about disease like salmonella and other bacteria. Who would be accountable? Scary stuff.

Linda Vail, who is an Ingham County Health officer, says "food prepared in a non-licensed kitchen for the public is against the food code law and should be shut down."

The health department says there are community licensed kitchens where anyone can make food that is then sold and delivered.

The department also claimed they plan to investigate community food Facebook groups to see how the food is prepared and if it needs to be shut down.

So bottom line is be very careful where you buy food, and make sure they have a proper license.

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