The skies will be clear in Flint tonight which is great news because our visibility should be on point for seeing the Quadrantid meteor shower, one of the absolute best annual shows in the night sky.

According to WXYZ, location is also a factor with this one-night-only meteor shower peak. Those in the Northern Hemisphere, especially Europe and the surrounding areas, will have the best chance of observation.

I did a check on Flint and surrounding areas and visibility is going to be good with clear skies. When looking up tonight, you could see up to 120 meteors per hour. To find out the best times for viewing, click here.

You'll want to find a secluded viewing spot, away from the city lights. Also, dress warm cause it can be a bit of a waiting game.

The Quadrantids are known for bright, colorful fireball meteors because of the large particles of an asteroid interacting with our atmosphere.

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