One of my great lines (at least I think) that I subject every one of my friends to, and even some people who aren't my friends, is the one when it comes to things that could be, but for now are not..."If I were a gambling man, and sometimes I am, I would bet that..."

Truth be told in my own small way, I'm a gambling man. Like I said, in my own small way. The games that I really understand are Blackjack (I'm just okay with that) and Roulette (and really, I'm just okay with that). You have to know that I can look at a slot machine and I can't really figure out how the payouts work or what you have to hit to get the payouts.

Now, with all due respect to my wife who I hold in the highest regard. She, like me isn't anywhere close to the universe of math or numbers geniuses. However, she can look at a slot machine and tell you in about five seconds everything you need to know and what you need to do to hit the jackpot.

Not me. I just feed the machine, bet the least I can every time, keep hitting the spin button and hope for a big win. It hasn't happened yet but it's still a great diversion. By the way I always limited my spending when I gamble to $10,000.

Just kidding. Just wanted you to gasp. Pretty funny, huh? My limit is way, way, way, way less than that.

Anyway, if you enjoy gaming (as I call it) as a diversion you, like me are going to be happy to know that Firekeeper's Casino in Battle Creek, that beacon of fun that's just over the horizon on I-94 West, not far off of the I-69 South exit (hey, I know there's lots of ways to get there, but this is just my way) will be reopening on June 1st according to their Facebook page! That's right my friend, it's time to get your Vegas on (they didn't pay me to say that...).

Get more info here about the Firekeeper's reopening from their Facebook page.

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