Yes, I indeed do have a sweet tooth, and I am a big fan of donuts and especially Chocolate. I inherited that from my Mom who loved chocolate, which made it easy to buy her gifts. My favorite candy by far is Reese's Peanut Buttercups, I love to put them in the freezer, and once I start eating them, it is hard to stop. In the last 3 months, I have dropped 30 pounds so I have given up the sweets for a while and get my fix through fruit, especially watermelon.

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My Watermelon Hunt at Meijer In Lansing

Yesterday,  I was shopping in Downtown Lansing and I was looking for some fruit and this woman walked up and started to thump one watermelon after another, I assumed she knew how to pick a good one, so I asked her.  She said it is hard to explain, I just know.  So, she was no help. It has always been hit or miss with me on how sweet the watermelon I get actually is.

Summer of course is watermelon season, and I think you will agree there is nothing like biting into a perfectly juicy, sweet slice, especially on a hot summer day in Michigan. I hate when they are tasteless and soft. I do remember mom telling me watermelon will not ripen any further once it’s picked, plus It doesn’t have a label saying how sweet it is. So how do you pick a ripe watermelon at the store?

How To Pick a Sweet, Ripe Watermelon

Here are a few tips from the, Grab one and pick it up, no matter how big it is, It should feel heavy for its size. Look for the yellow spot where they rest on the ground. When that area is creamy yellow, it's ripe  Give it a thump and listen for a deep hollow sound. I like to cut them into little squares.  Maybe even a cool watermelon salad. Enjoy your summer and happy watermelon hunting kids.

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