You can be the most popular house in your neighborhood or the one kids will likely skip on Halloween. It just depends on what candy you give out. Let's face it, if you hand out candy kids don't like, you're more likely to get your house toilet papered. So keep this in mind when you shopping for your Halloween candy this year.  Here are my top 20 favorites:

20. Skittles
19. Payday
18. Gummy Bears
17. Junior Mints
16. Twizzlers
15. Baby Ruth
14. M&M's
13. Flavored Tootsie Rolls
12. Heath
11. Starbursts
10. Hershey's Bars
9. Reese's Pieces
8. Nestle Crunch
7. Mr. Goodbar
6. 100 Grand
5. Butterfinger
4. KitKat
3. Snickers
2. Twix

Ok here it is. The greatest candy ever and the perfect snack. I LOVE to throw them in the freezer and just let them melt in your mouth. YUMMY. What's your favorite, the mini with its jagged chocolate edges? The medium-cup? Or the pumpkin which gets as much sugary peanut butter in your mouth as possible?  Really there is no wrong way to eat  a Reese's.

1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

While we're talking about Halloween candy, let's go over some safety tips real quick for when you check your kid's candy bag (or your own. We're not going to judge if you want to get in on the trick or treat action yourself. First, look out for discoloration or holes/tears in wrappers. You also want to throw out spoiled or unwrapped things. Homemade items or baked goods should be thrown away unless you know who gave them out. The motto to go by? When in doubt, throw it out. Happy trick or treating!

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