It's a great sign that the the unemployment claims are dropping here in Michigan and all across the country. If you're looking for a job, it seems there are a lot of companies hiring. Our economy seems to be getting better everyday with the vaccinations for COVID19 in full swing. Many fast food chains here in Michigan are hiring, and they need employees ASAP.

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Get our free mobile app says one of the many food chains that needs help is Taco Bell. They will hold on the spot interviews on April 21st, in parking lots at nearly 2,000 Taco Bell restaurants all over the country, even here in Michigan. And here is the cool part. You can apply and never have to leave your car. Then you can go through the drive though, and pig out. Sounds like a fun afternoon, huh?

Many fast fast food chains, and some other restaurants, did very well through the  pandemic. It was so easy for people like me to just go though the drive through. I also did a lot of carry ou, and delivery. So now that the weather is warmer in Michigan, many of the limits at restaurants are easing back to normal. Plus with the stimulus checks that are now appearing, it's making more folks take the family out to eat.

I for one am planning on eating out a lot more this summer, and since I will be driving a lot more to my hometown of Chicago, that means many more drive throughs along the way.

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