Well, it happened again this weekend...my husband and I decided to go to a 'late' movie and we both fell asleep. First, when I say 'late'...it was the 8pm showing! (I know, it surely must be a sign that we're getting ancient when we can't stay awake for the late show.) I remember 'back in the day' when 8pm was the time that you were actually just getting started to head out for the night. Now? Not so much.

Maybe it's because the theaters at Celebration Cinema are so comfortable. (It's almost like they want you to fall asleep with those reclining chairs.) Or maybe it's because the plot got a little slow. I mean, it certainly can't be because I'm...old. Right?

This morning I thought I'd google 'falling asleep at the movies' to see what kind of 'wisdom' the internet had about this particular topic. And, of course, there it was...an article giving tips on 'How To Stay Up To Watch A Film.' (The internet never disappoints...)

Anyway, if this a struggle for you (or maybe the snoring spouse next to you) here are some steps from wikiHow on how to stay awake during that movie. First, they say to get some rest. (That seems obvious.) Also, they say that you should 'choose a good film.' (A little harder to do sometimes.) Other tips include drinking water and not getting too warm. You can click here to see some of their other helpful tips.

For the record, because I now you're dying to know, the movie was The Upside. It's actually a pretty good movie. It just couldn't compete with a quick nap. :)

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