I don't know if you know this. I certainly know that I didn't know this before I moved here. Did you know that there is a very famous music store in Lansing?

Elderly Instruments. Yep, that's the one and you can find them at 1100 North Washington Avenue.

Now you may think I'm the biggest dummy on the planet for not knowing that Elderly was a big deal. But here's the thing...a lot of people become radio personalities because of their love for music and playing instruments.

I became a radio personality because I wanted to talk on the radio and I had a love of music. I have absolutely ZERO musical talent. I can't play anything. Now I tried to play the piano in my younger years but as I was sitting there practicing, I'd look out the window and see my buddies playing ball and messing around so I quickly lost interest in the piano. I mean, who wouldn't want to run out and play ball and mess around? Especially when you're in your early teens?

Anyway, I became very aware of Elderly Instruments early in my career here at WITL. We would have artists come to town to visit the radio station and my boss at the time, Jay J. McCrae would quite often take a lot of these artists to Elderly to check the place out. A lot of these artists would be new acts who went on to major country stardom and here's the thing:

They all knew about Elderly Instruments and were excited about going on a visit there. I have always heard that there have been celebrity sightings at the store but who knows how many big stars made an appearance there and played a few instruments when they were first starting out and were on a visit to WITL?

Of course, due to COVID-19, the store has been closed but here's the good news for all you celebrity musicians and musicians who may not be celebrities. Elderly will reopen this Monday. Get all the information here from News 10.

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