By now, you probably know I love interesting real estate listings, and this one definitely fits that category. And what's really cool about it is that it's right here in Lansing's backyard; Eaton Rapids.

Interesting Mid-Michigan Real Estate Listings

So, are you looking for a new place to live? Perhaps consider this home inside a barn. You read that right, a home inside a barn...Or, a barndominium or barndo, as the Zillow listing so affectionately calls it.

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The Zillow listing also says that it's an "emerging trend of living", which is news to me. But regardless, it's a pretty neat setup. You basically have a smaller home situated inside this much larger barn/garage. This home in particular has two bedrooms (or one bedroom and a den area), two bathrooms, a living room and dining room, a galley kitchen, and a utility room which would be perfect for your washer and dryer.

Have You Ever Seen a House Inside of a Barn?

While the home part has plenty of space and features, it's the usable garage space that is really awesome. I would estimate that the "home" portion takes up less than half of the garage space. The other half/plus is free for whatever you fancy. You could store your boat or off-roading vehicles, take up a messy hobby like painting or woodworking, or even just use it as extra storage or party space. Whatever the case, this barndominium could be the perfect home for you. Check it out in the pictures below.

This Eaton Rapids Home For Sale Was Built in a Barn

Apparently, this style of home is an "emerging trend of living". While I've never heard of or seen such a thing, it doesn't mean it isn't. Allow me to walk you through this home inside of a barn. Or a "barndominium" or "barndo" as the Zillow listing affectionately calls it. It's literally a living space created inside this giant barn. So you've got the best of both worlds; a lovely living space and plenty of storage space to boot. It's currently for sale in Eaton Rapids. Check it out in the photos below.

This Castle Home For Sale in Michigan is Fit for a King or Queen

We all like to think of ourselves as the King or Queen of the castle when it comes to our homes. But what if your home was an actual castle? You could become American royalty if you buy this castle home that's for sale in Rochester, Michigan. For a small $2.5 million dollars, you could have your own draw bridge, painted ceilings, knights in shining armor, and more. Check out photos of this surreal castle home in the gallery below.

This Historic, Mid-Century Glass House is For Sale in Michigan

This house isn't just historic, it's iconic. Just don't go throwing any stones. Welcome to 31765 Franklin Fairway street in Farmington, better known as the Arthur Beckwith House. If you love mid-century architecture and design and don't mind cleaning a million windows, this home could be for you. Also, you may want to buy stock in glass cleaner. Check out this gorgeous home in the photos below.

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