How good does an ice cold beer and burger sound right now? You can fix that craving with Jolly Pumpkin Café & Brewery! It's finally here and open for business in East Lansing.

Originally, Jolly Pumpkin was set to open their doors in fall 2019, but things were postponed due to construction and once again pushed back due to the pandemic. Jolly Pumpkin is one of many Michigan establishments underneath Northern United Brewing Co. And CEO of the company, Tony Grant has had his mind set on opening the brewery in East Lansing as he used to play football for MSU. Megan Worden, Jolly Pumpkins marketing manager, says everyone has been very welcoming and their staff is excited.

We wanted to open a Jolly Pumpkin in East Lansing for quite some time. Grant always had his sights set on East Lansing, he’s obviously a big MSU fan. We just needed the right location.

If you've never been to Jolly Pumpkin before, you need to go. They have delicious beer and pub food. Make sure you get yourself some of their "Truffled French Fries", you won't regret it.

Are you still trying to come up with some gifts to give this Christmas? Buy them a gift card so they can try Jolly Pumpkin. Or if you've got a Spartan in the family, they Sparta hats and a six-pack of Sparta beer from North Peak Brewing Co., you can order through their website.

Because of the pandemic and the current restrictions, Jolly Pumpkin is limited to carryout and delivery only. Even though dining may be limited, there entire menu is still available. The brewery is housed in the downtown’s new Center City District.

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