Apple watches aren't cheap. And if you happened to lose yours say....sometime in November...the police might have it. The Meridian Township Police Department put up a post on their Facebook page about a found Apple Watch. The watch was apparently found at Whole Foods sometime in November. (They didn't give a specific day or time.)

They say that a good description of the band on the Apple Watch will be needed in order to claim the found watch. They also say that some "accompanying proof that it's yours wouldn't hurt to have with you." (Not really sure what that would be...but hey...if it's your lost watch, just bring everything that you think might help you.)

If this is your watch--or maybe the watch of someone you know--you should call Officer Bryan LeRoy with the Meridian Township Police Department as soon as possible to get your Apple watch. He can be reached at (517) 853-4800. And you're welcome.

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