A photo that shows a deer up on the rooftop of a house in the Upper Peninsula has gone viral.

A small mining town situated on Teal Lake 10 miles West of Marquette, Negaunee is way up North in Michigan. In fact, Michigan Department of Natural Resources says Van Riper State Park, 20 miles West of Negaunee, is where you are most likely to see moose in Michigan...but reindeer?

Jim Paquette shared a photo with the Facebook group You know you grew up in Ishpeming, Westwood or Negaunee Michigan if... that has been shared more than 650 times just from that page alone. It shows a deer grazing on a tree from the roof of a house with the caption,"Ok, this is getting ridiculous over here on Cedar Street!! GO AWAY WINTER!"

Facebook commenters wondered "Is there a sleigh and a jolly man with presents up there?" and "Did Santa forget one of his reindeer?" while others were reminded of the Christmas song "Up on the Housetop": click, click, click. 

Jim assures us that the pic is not photoshopped and it is not fake news- just a hungry deer who likely climbed up a snowbank to enjoy a rooftop dining experience that is pure Michigan.

Photo: Jim Paquette
Photo: Jim Paquette

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