The Big Game ends on Sunday night as the New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams and people are already thinking about what?

Next year's game of course!

Will the Patriots again return to the Big Game? Will the Rams? The Big Question about the Big Game if you're from these parts really is..."Will the Detroit Lions make it to the Big Game?"

I'd like to think it's a great possibility. Maybe you think it's a great possibility. However, according to, the odds makers who do this stuff for a living are not as positive with their outlook as we are about the Lions.

Not anywhere close to being as positive. Not anywhere in the universe. In fact, some odds makers say that the chance of the Detroit Lions making it to the Big Game is 100 to 1.

ONE HUNDRED TO ONE!!! That is the third worst odds in the league. Wow.

Check out the article here at that paints a less than rosy picture of the Lions chances next season.

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