The state of Indiana debuted "bacon scented instant lottery tickets" on Tuesday.

Just take a moment and read that sentence again. Every word is true.

According to, the scratch-off lottery game is called "Bringin' Home the Bacon" and five winners will win a 20 year supply of bacon. What does Michigan have like that? Does the "Cherry Blast Tripler" smell like cherries? Because it should. Shouldn't there be a "Fudgey 500" ticket that smells like you're in Murdick's on Mackinac Island? Or a scratch-off ticket that smells like a new car interior, where you win a CAR?!

I know. These ideas are pure genius. I'll leave it up to the Lottery Commision to pick which one is best. Or, perhaps, the readers of this post could share some of their ideas.


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