There's a new commercial out for

 the 'Can-Am Spyder' motorcycle and in the ad, Danica Patrick comes to the aid of Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler and "saves" him from the paparazzi.

Just to educate you, the 'Can-Am Spyder' is a three-wheeled motorcycle, which she calls the "Paparazzi Escape Vehicle." She explains that when celebrities are hounded by photographers, they can call 1-844-SPYDER-LA to have a Can-Am Spyder pick them up. And believe it or not, this is a real offer from Can-Am Spyder. According to USA Today, Los Angeles-area celebs will be able to utilize the rescue service for one week by calling the number. I'm sure it will be coming to Lansing soon to rescue all of the "celebrities" we have hanging out around here, too.

Here's the commercial for your enjoyment: