Holy cow, here comes Father's Day. It's this Sunday, June 19th. Some dads like to cook out. Other dads enjoy a nice meal out with the family. Either way, as long as we're spending time with our kids, that's all that matters.

This year I am going to a Lugnuts game with my family. If time permits after the game, I'd like to fire up the grill to grill for my kids. I am doing a hybrid Father's Day. The Lugs have some solid food items to enjoy, so I'll start with a hot dog and go from there.

Mother's Day is the busiest restaurant day of the year. Thankfully my wife and her mom don't care about going out for a meal on Mother's Day. Father's Day will be busy, but it won't be anything like Mother's Day. My best advice when dining out anywhere is to reserve a table for your party. Also, be kind to your servers and restaurant staff. It's not the server's fault that your steak came out rare instead of medium. They work hard for their money and oftentimes have to put up with entitled folks that have a dark soul.

That said, let's explore brunch ideas for dad this Father's Day. I went to Yelp to get some input and check out reviews. These are direct reviews. Brunch was the category. Of course, if dad wants meat, you can take him to one of the many fine BBQ places in the Lansing area.

Top 10 Brunches in Lansing For Father's Day

1. Fidler's On The Grand

Melanie B said this:

This place is a gold mine of delicious comfort food.

Like all the other 5-star reviews... this was beyond delicious. Friendly service. Clean dining experience.

Our road trip took us thru Illinois on our way to Michigan. Thank goodness for the internet & 5 star reviews on Yelp & Google.

We drove a little out of the way to get here and well worth the 7 extra miles.

Don't let the outside fool you. What it lacks in simplicity on the outside, the inside is bright & cheery... and filled with heavenly smells and good eats.

We were visiting from SoCal. Wish this little gem was in our neck of the woods.

We actually had leftovers. And some of the mac n cheese w/brisket took a flight home in a ziplock baggy and we enjoyed it 3 days later.

We left like the sign says "Happy Campers"

2. The People's Kitchen

Jay G had some nice words:

After being away from Lansing for the past 5 years, coming back and experiencing The People's Kitchen has been a happy find. They have a great, local menu; a well-stocked bar with bartenders who know how to make a proper cocktail; and a fun venue.

3. The Soup Spoon Cafe

Stephanie M had this to say:

This has been one of my favorite restaurants in Lansing since I moved here over a decade ago. Their food is excellent and so is the staff.


4. Black Cat Bistro

D B had a good time:

We dined tonight on a Wednesday. The atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant. Certainly not a dine and dash sort of place. There aren't a great number of items on the menu, but there is variety. I had the Matador cocktail--very good. We ordered two appetizers but one would have done us. My entree was the French Coulotte, a delicious hunk of steak and served with fresh-tasting garlic smashed potatoes. Though my side of asparagus were few in number, they were excellent. My spouse's Cajun Pasta had--as it should--a bit of spice. He would have liked more cream. The desserts were tops--chocolate cake with a raspberry sauce and carrot cake with a caramel sauce.  The portions were sizable--you won't walk away hungry but you may walk away with a large take-away bag, as we did. A nice bistro experience.

5. The Creole Bar & Southern Kitchen

Johnathan S. from L.A. said this:

Very very very good food, the chef is brilliant. Each piece is cook separately and to perfection.

6. Beggar's Banquet

John W had a good experience:

Great brunch. Burrito with chorizo was delicious and had a bloody which was spicy and flavorful. Will come back. Service was perfect.

7. Good Truckin' Diner

Kaylee N. says:

Good truckin' diner is small but worth the wait! Such a big menu with options for everyone. Staff was helpful and made recommendations, there are specials to choose from as well. My group of 5 were in and out and had a really short wait. We were all super happy with our choices and would definitely go back. Street parking is available. Outdoor seating looks available during warm months!

8. Blondie's Barn

Dismyiphone J. not only has a crazy name but had this to say:

Been here a few times now and I love it more each time. Inexpensive, nice portions, delicious pancakes and everything else I've tried!

9. Batter Up Bistro

Annu K. recommends:

This is an AMAZING place to grab a cup of coffee and a snack/meal. The ambience is warm and comforting, and the service is prompt and friendly. I would highly recommend B-Up-B! You won't be disappointed!

10. HopCat

Alannah D. shared this:

I will NEVER return to this restaurant.
The reason being this stuff was TOO DANG good.
Had no self control, ate too much and felt amazing.
0-10 would never recommend.

Keep in mind these are the results for brunch. I am more of a carnivore and am confident I would enjoy a meal at any of these eateries. Outdoor patios are always a good option too.

Have a great Father's Day and be safe!

Oh, and if none of the places we listed above sound good, here are some more brunch suggestions:

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