There's no doubt that the Detroit Red Wings are in the midst of a re-build and Steve Yzerman is doing everything in his power to get this hockey franchise back to their old winning ways, as it's been 14 years since they last hoisted the cup. It's possible that one key factor in the 4 cup wins since 1997 was one of the most decorated coaches of all time, Scotty Bowman. Bowman holds the record for most wins in league history, with 1,248 wins, and has won 9 Stanley Cup Championships. Now, there's a good chance he could come back to Detroit.

Why He Could Return To Detroit

There are a few reasons why we could see him returning to Hockeytown:

Coming Home

The last NHL team Scotty coached was the Detroit Red Wings, where he took home 3 Stanley Cups. He was the reason Detroit saw its first championship in 42 seasons. He crafted a team that over 3 years was finally able to dominate the league.

Stevie Y

It's no doubt that Steve Yzerman & Scotty Bowman have stayed in touch with each other over the years, all of those Detroit cup wins were with his Captain, Steve Yzerman, who just so happens to be running the team now. It wouldn't be a big surprise if Yzerman reaches out.

If he did, would an advisory role with the Wings help lead them back to the playoffs and eventually the Stanley Cup? Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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