This is pure speculation, but follow me here for a second.

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Let's start in Louisiana.

Specifically, let's head to LSU home of the Tigers.

They have a head coach. Well, they will have a head coach until next season.

Ed Orgeron and the university said Sunday that he will step aside after the season, an announcement that came less than 24 hours after the Tigers upset No. 20 Florida to improve to 4-3. As part of the agreement, LSU will pay Orgeron the remaining $16.95 million left on his contract. (ESPN)

Cue Boyz II Men and "End of the Road."

No harm, no foul. A mutually agreed upon parting of ways. No drama and that usually happens when you pay out a contract to the tune of almost $17 million dollars.

How does MSU's Coach Tucker fit into this "drama free" departure?

Coach Tucker just got to East Lansing two seasons ago. He ended that first season 2-5 but is currently cruising towards the battle for the Paul Bunyon Trophy on Devil's Night (October 30th) UNDEFEATED. How do you make a great undefeated season even better?

You beat the Wolverines at Spartan Stadium and remain undefeated.

In your second season.

At present, MSU is ranked #9 and Michigan is #6. MSU is 7-0 overall with a bye week heading into the showdown on the 30th. The Wolverines are also undefeated at 6-0 and welcome Northwestern to the Big House this weekend (October 23rd). If they win that one, it'll be a battle of the undefeated for the biggest bragging rights in the state.

So WHY is Coach Tucker's name in the mix for the gig at LSU?

Tucker coached at LSU once before, doing so in 2000 as the Tigers' primary defensive backs assistant. He has an SEC pedigree having worked as the defensive coordinator under Kirby Smart at Georgia from 2016-18 and previously serving as Nick Saban's associate head coach at Alabama in 2015. He coached the 2019 season at Colorado before jumping to the opportunity at Michigan State after the program parted ways with Mark Dantonio. Tucker is one of the Big Ten's highest-paid head coaches. (247sports)

Just how much does Coach Tucker make?

  • Mel Tucker will make more than $5 million per year with a chance for six-figure performance bonuses.
  • Tucker’s six-year contract pays him an annual base salary of $3.8 million from the university.
  • He will also receive $1.2 million each year for making media appearances, contracts for footwear and apparel, and appearances made on behalf of MSU.
  •  The school’s apparel supplier, currently Nike, will pay him $100,000 a year.
  • In total, Tucker is guaranteed an annual salary of $5.5 million — more than double his salary at Colorado. (fox17online)

For the record, Ed Orgeron who is leaving LSU was ranked as the #2 highest-paid college head coach (Nick Saban is #1).

LSU could certainly afford Coach Tucker.

Would he go? Will there be an offer?

Pure speculation friends. Pure speculation.

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