Most people call them "selfie's". I do too, when someone takes a photo of themselves. When someone takes a photo of themselves with other people in the photo, I call them "ussie's".

Truthfully, I really can't take credit for calling those photos "ussie's". I'm pretty sure I stole that name from someone and I'm pretty sure that someone was country singer Tim Rushlow, of the bands "Little Texas" and "Rushlow".

Anyway, I have this thing of taking ussie's with friends, family, co-workers, listeners, stars...well...just about everybody. The cool thing is that everyone is always pretty nice about granting me permission to be in a photo with them. I don't believe anyone has ever said "No".

The same for Saturday night. I ran into some friends, Wittle Family members and a couple of stars, too, and everyone was fine with letting me capture them for posterity with an "ussie". Take a look at the gallery above to see who I ran into at Common Ground. It might be you.

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