If you (or someone you know) make payments via cash apps, there is a new scam that you (they) should be aware of. However, it seems to me that this new scam could be pretty easy to avoid though simply by not letting someone else use your cell phone. Anyway, here's how the scam allegedly works.

According to WILX, the scam starts by a person asking to use your cell phone. They say that their phone battery is dead, they've lost their phone, forgot their phone at home, or any story they can make up to get their hands on your phone. After they've successfully convinced you that they need to use your phone, they'll then pretend that the person they called didn't pick up. At that point the scammer will say that they need to text the person. That's when they access your cash app on your cellphone and will transfer your funds to their account. Cash apps like Venmo, PayPal, or Apple Pay are all being targeted.

Some tips? Well, don't let people use your cell phone would be a great start. Also, experts say to use a multi-factor authentication, such as a thumbprint or a PIN code. Click here to read more about the scam and some of the people who have been scammed.


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