If you follow Luke Bryan's wife, Caroline, on social media — and you should — you know that she spends a lot of time with the animals at Brett’s Barn.

The farm was created in memory of the couple's niece, Sadie Brett Boyer, who was born in 2016. Brett had Down syndrome and was born with a congenital heart defect (CHD), and she fought hard for 7 months before she ultimately passed in 2017. After her death and in her honor, Caroline established the Brett Boyer Foundation — a foundation that supports CHD research and awareness, as well as celebrates Down syndrome.

A part of that entity is Brett's Barn, which is on the Bryans' property and houses an array of animals that children can come and enjoy. Caroline is always adding to the brood, and it's always eventful — like the time she had a run-in with the barn's sassy turkey, Big Al (he has since been relocated).

Caroline is active on Instagram, but she's also an occasional TikTok user, and she used that platform to give fans a fun tour of Brett's Barn, introducing all of the animals which call it home.

In the video, you can see Caroline getting cozy with the alpacas, goats, miniature donkeys and other life that are fortunate enough to be in her care. Brett's Barn, as intended, is a place that oozes joy - who wouldn't smile seeing a bunch of fat pigs all rolling in the mud?!

While the clip plays, text appears on-screen with more information on Brett's backstory, her parents and the barn. As of right now, the barn is not open to the public, but something the video indicates that is a hope for in the future.

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