The Canadian truckers who are protesting the countries COVID-19 restrictions at the Canadiana/Michigan border have now forced automakers to shut down.

1. People Have the Right to Protest

This protest from Canadian truckers at the border of Michigan is something you won't see on the California and Mexico border that is for sure. I get people should have the right to protest but when it is disruptive to society as a whole, something needs to be done.

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I get protesting peacefully when it is something you believe in. This is not a worker strike from a company that is not paying proper wages, this truck blockade is only 50 to 74 semi-trucks and about 100 protesters who are a significant minority in Canada.

Canadians have largely agreed with the country's COVID-19 restrictions because they are working and have kept the death rate far lower than the United States.

2. Why Would Canadians Hurt Other Canadians?

I am surprised the Canadian protesters are now allowing businesses in their own country to now suffer for an issue they are not in control of.

Toyota has three plants in Canada that have shut down because they can get their parts across the border.

3. What American Automakers Are Affected by Canadian Trucker Blockade?

Ford and General Motors have plants in both countries and have either shut down plants or cut back on shifts until this truck blockade gets moved.

This protest is affecting businesses here in Michigan and Canada who have nothing to do with the issue like all the 1st and 2nd shifters at GM's SUV factory near Lansing, Michigan, whose shifts got canceled. Toyota in Canada is down for the whole week.

4. How Are Goods Getting Into Canada in the Interim?

WOOD reported the protest is on day four at the Ambassador Bridge that connects Windsor, Ontario, to Detroit. This has been forcing truckers to drive to Port Huron which is 70 miles north of Detroit to get goods in and out of Canada.

Again, I get protesting, but when you are harming already damaged economies to try and get your way, you may want to be considerate to those who are trying to make a living and move your protest to another location.

The police have yet to move the protesters in Canada but authorities are not going to allow this to go on for a long period of time.

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