Cam released a breathtaking new cover—of a song she sings completely in French!

The song, “La Marcheuse," a breathy laid-back pop song with a captivating rhythm, was originally recorded by French sensation Christine and the Queens. Cam pronounces the French with such reverence and annunciation, it's hard to remember that her native language is English!

The song comes just in time to honor a performance in Paris on Sept. 11. "Last time I performed there was in stained-glass chapels and stone-walled cathedrals with a children’s choir when I was 13," Cam shared on her Instagram. "With every visit since, the city of Paris manages to etch a new stripe of wonder across my mind. To be playing my own show in that city and participate in such a grand cultural tradition of art...honestly it only feels right that I give a musical offering before I get there, so I recorded a country version of my favorite French song by my favorite French pop star."

Cam went on to share that she gained inspiration from the French musician for her upcoming album, for which she has not yet set a release date. "I'm in awe of Christine and the Queens exploring vulnerability and strength, and the gender associations that color those concepts for us," she shared. "Which resonates deeply with me, and feels within arms reach of the darkness and light I’ve been pulling in to create my upcoming album."

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