Hey, it's Caddy, I've had the honor of knowing Blake Shelton for a long time, almost 20 years. I have some good stories I can share (and a few that I should maybe keep to myself). One thing I can say about him is that he is exactly how he seems and is a very kind person. He is also about as witty as they come. He has not changed a bit over the years since his first single, even as popular as he has become.

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I was at Blake's bachelor party right before he married Miranda in Vegas, and no it was not your typical one. Blake wanted to have Karaoke, and we had a blast. I have a video on an old phone of him singing "Play that Funky Music." Miranda showed up later with her girlfriends and it was a night to remember.


Another time at the ACM Awards right after his 2nd single came out around 2003, Blake walked by me at a blackjack table. He sat down and did not have his wallet, so I gave him a hundred bucks. He lost every hand and I told him to not give up his singing job to be a professional gambler; he agreed.

The last time I saw him before the pandemic, I told him, "Hey man you never did pay me that a hundred bucks from 16 years ago." He laughed and said the statute of limitations expired a long time ago as he let out a big belly laugh. Well, maybe he was just a little short of cash that day. HMMM.


Those are just a few of my many stories about Blake. Now, to the really fun part. We're giving you a chance to win a digital download of Blake Shelton's new album called Body Language. It has 12 tracks, including the new single “Minimum Wage” and the duet with fiancée Gwen Stefani, “Happy Anywhere.” The title track is a collaboration with the Swon Brothers, Shelton’s former protégés on The Voice.

We've got 10 digital downloads up for grabs, and all you have to do to snag one is sign up below. You have until June 8th at 11:59 PM to enter, and we'll contact winners on June 9th. Good luck!

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