Why in the world did I talk myself into buying a house right now? Who told me this was a good idea? Oh, I did.

I've owned a house before and boy, was it a lot smoother/easier a couple of years ago. I don't really need an explanation as to why it's more difficult because I already know why.

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You may have heard us talk a little bit about how it's a sellers market right now. So, basically there are more buyers then sellers right now, which is making the housing market extremely competitive. Well, I'm feeling all of the heat.

I feel like I'm at the arcade playing the claw game. Ya know, the one where you get extremely close to grabbing the teddy bear you want but you're either too far forward or too far to the left.

So, you try again and get lucky and grab the sucker, but drop it right before you can claim the prize.

Then you look exactly like this woman. She knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Ginna Shernoville/Unsplash
Ginna Shernoville/Unsplash

I'm so close, yet so far away and it's frustrating beyond belief. You're probably like, "Well, why put yourself through all of this stress then?"

One of the main reasons is because I've basically needed to move out of my apartment since the first day I moved into it. It's been one horror story after another.

The other is because it's nice to not only own but put money into something that you can call yours. It's also crazy expensive to rent a house or an apartment these days.

If you're house hunting, I feel your pain. All I can say is, the right house will come to you. So, don't lose hope!

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