Have you ever wondered why beer is so thirst-quenching and taste so good? Some more than others. Well, a lot of beer is made from life's greatest source, water. The quality of water can make beer taste so much better.

According to riedel.com natural water has many minerals, compounds, and microbes, important influential chemicals,  calcium, magnesium, sodium, chloride, bicarbonate, and sulfates. These may also change the color and the taste of beer.  I know one thing it must be ice cold and be poured into a frosty mug. Yum.

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First Time Ever

So check this out for the first time in its history, Budweiser has changed the way its beer is brewed, only for Detroit according to fox47news.com.

The beer company announced Tuesday it is launching limited-edition Detroit Music tall boy cans that were brewed with speakers surrounding the tanks. According to Budweiser, during the brewing process for 500 select cans, a "mountain of speakers" was set up surrounding the banks and infused with Detroit's music.



Beer is not only good tasting but will look good too with these cans. This is very cool because there will be R&B labels on the can if it's brewed to the sound of the Temptations. Rock labels will be brewed to the sounds of Alice Cooper who was also born in Detroit and will be celebrating his 74th birthday soon.

What Else is On The Can?

Ok, this may not make the beer taste any better, but it gives you something to think about while you look at the can or while you drink it.

The cans will have a Detroit skyline and include "Detroit, Motor City Music" on the cans, and some of Budweiser's famous artwork with sound waves.

Only 500 cans will be available, and all will be marked with numbers 1 to 500.  Nice collector's item. Cheers!

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