Brothers Osborne have dropped another new single from their Skeletons album. It's called "I'm Not for Everyone," and it goes hard in making a case for the country music duo's selective appeal. However, in doing so, it simultaneously manages to capture the group's broad accessibility.

That's because the twangy number showcases just what Brothers Osborne do best. That is, taking a personal, reflective moment and painting it in catchy swaths of sound that could get any listener humming. Indeed, "I'm Not for Everyone" might be for anyone who's ever felt like an outsider to country music.

Even the references in the song's lyrics wink and nod in that direction. In one breath comparing themselves to Townes Van Zandt B-sides and zydeco music, another stanza has lead singer TJ Osborne invoking Jimi Hendrix and gratis jukebox jams. Such sonic touchstones cast a wide net.

After all, everyone's got skeletons in their closet, and those sometimes include the bones of one's musical past. But perhaps it's best not to let them gather dust in the dark — it may be that opening up and airing them out holds the ticket to contentment. To that end, Brothers Osborne's "I'm Not for Everyone" recalls the healing practice of hitting the local dive, grabbing a drink and cranking the tunes. Any tunes, really, as long as they strike a chord in one's soul.

Brothers Osborne's "I'm Not For Everyone" Lyrics: 

Some people clap on the one and three / Some people clap on the two and four / Some people don’t join at all / ‘Cause they got no rhythm / And that’s alright /Some people they drink too much / Some people don’t drink enough / Some people are just like me / I hope y’all forgive ‘em.

I’m like scotch and zydeco bands / I’m like B-side Townes Van Zandt / I’m always speakin’ my mind / When I’m better off biting my tongue / I’m a bad joke at the wrong time / Hell I’m a legend in my own mind / I’m good for some / But I’m not for everyone.

If I was sweet tea, I’d be a bit bitter / If you took a drink you might reconsider / If I was a church, I’d be hangin’ with the sinners / Talkin’ ‘bout Hendrix and heaven / If I was a bar, I’d be a dive / A free jukebox in a double wide / Neon lights sayin’ come inside / And I’d be open 24/7.

Repeat Chorus

I’m hard to love it’s true / I’m a little more rough than smooth / It’s a wonder I found somebody like me like you.

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, I’m good for some / But I’m not for everyone.

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