100.7 WITL and Disney's The Lion King want you to bring your "Rafiki" to see The Lion King this July at Wharton Center!

Rafiki, of course, is the wise mandrill full of advice in The Lion King story. But the word "Rafiki" is actually Swahili for "friend."

So we want to send you and your "Rafiki" to see Disney's The Lion King live on stage at Wharton Center this summer with WITL's Kristen Matthews and her "Rafiki!"

For your chance at winning this contest, just use the form below to submit a photo of yourself with  your "Rafiki." If you win, we'll send you and your friend to dinner at Dusty's Cellar in Okemos and to see Disney's The Lion King at Wharton Center alongside Kristen Matthews and her "Rafiki!"


Hurry--you only have until May 27 to enter!

Disney's The Lion King returns to Wharton Center July 11 - 29. Click here to get your tickets now!

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