Brett Young is just days away from becoming a dad — times two. The singer's wife, Taylor, is due to give birth to their second child any time now, and the new addition to the family will be their second daughter, joining 21-month-old big sister Presley.

Between his adorable, kid-filled social media presence and the release of songs like "Lady" and "Weekends Look a Little Different These Days," Young is clearly a proud Girl Dad. However, the singer says that things weren't always that way: As a younger person, when he thought about becoming a dad, he always figured he'd have a little boy.

"I have a half-sister, but growing up in my house, my sister had already moved out, so it was just me and my dad," the singer explained to Taste of Country and other outlets during a press event earlier this spring. "And so that's why I was excited to have a boy and wanted to have that relationship."

But that all changed when his daughter Presley was born.

"I can't imagine having a better relationship with my child than I do with my daughter. It's such a blessing," Young goes on to say, adding that the reality of becoming a dad to a little girl has been more rewarding than he ever could have imagined, even though it also forces him to confront some unknowns.

"It's challenging because I've never been a woman. I don't know what her challenges are going to be in life. But that's what 'Lady' was all about — she's got her mama for that," the singer adds. "So I just get to be the big ol' dad that she runs and jumps in bed and watches cartoons with."

Meanwhile, Taylor and Young are gearing up to welcome baby girl No. 2. The couple previously shared that Taylor's due date is in July, but added that — at least during the earlier months of the pregnancy — they hadn't settled on a name yet.

"I mean, we would [announce it if we knew.] We've actually wanted to announce the name of our kid, both with Presley and with this time," he explains, adding that Presley didn't have a name until after she was born.

"She was six hours old before we picked a name, and to be honest with you, it feels like we're headed in that direction again," the singer admits.

Taylor recently shared some throwback snapshots from her April baby "sprinkle," a sweet, low-key, pastel-themed welcome party for the new baby that her family threw for her in California. "Baby girl #2 and I felt so loved," Taylor wrote in the caption.

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