Brett Eldredge is back on social media after taking a hiatus to just ... be.

In January, the "Love Someone" hitmaker told fans that he was looking to be more present in his everyday life, so he'd be flipping the switch on his Instagram page and switching from a smart cellphone to an old flip phone. Going back to roughly 2002 was a necessary change, he said, because he was more present in the moment at that time.

"I would carry it everywhere I went but never look at it to check the neverending 'Breaking News' or constantly compare my life to someone else's," he recalls. "I wouldn't sit at the dinner table and be halfway paying attention to my buddies convos because I was watching someone's story about how good, or bad they were at 'flossing' or how quick someone could chug a bottle of vodka and do a triple backflip into a pool. I was there, in the moment, with my friends, with life."

Eldredge signed back onto his official Instagram account on March 5, sharing a picture of a picture — a Polaroid image of him and his dog, Edgar, on the beach. He says after a break from social media, he's "here more than ever."

"Getting away from the noise and into feeling life and the sunsets and the rain and everything ... damn it's a powerful thing," the singer writes. "I love music more than ever and hell I even love myself (sometimes ya forget to do that)."

"I am creating music on such a deeper level than ever and now getting back to playing live, it's all starting to make sense," Eldredge adds.

He wants to make it clear that life isn't all rainbows and sunshine without a smartphone or his life currently, but it is beautiful to him. Until he spent time with a flip phone, Eldredge says he didn't realize how much time he was spending staring at a screen.

"So if you were wondering, I'm alive and well, and I can't wait for what's to come," he concludes. "See ya soon."

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