This morning we talked about the fact that Brett Eldredge celebrates his number one songs by having new adventures. According to our buddies at Taste of Country, for "Don't Ya" and "Beat of the Music" - he went skydiving and swam with sharks. Now he has to find a way to celebrate the latest No. 1 - "Mean to Me". He says he wants the fans to decide on this one, BUT if it were up to HIM to decide, he would have "Dinner in the Sky" in Las Vegas. "Dinner in the Sky" consists of you and 21 other people sitting at a table, being held by a crane, 200 feet up. Here's the website for Dinner in the Sky. However, I actually wonder if it's fully operational yet, because the website says "2014 is looking bright for Dinner in the Sky".

Maybe all Brett needs is some sandwiches, a six pack and a lawn chair with some helium balloons.


Here's the whole story.



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