The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has a program where inmates in the Department of Corrections career and technical education program learn about horticulture and then put their schooling to work to plant seeds and raise saplings for use in reforestation efforts, including plantings at Michigan state parks. This program just got a new name: "Happy Little Trees." The name is a reference to America's favorite TV artist and perm hairdo in the 80s and 90s—Bob Ross. The same Bob Ross who painted "happy little trees" on TV, every day, for years. The DNR approached Bob Ross, Inc. with the idea and they "loved it."

So, not only will you see a lot of trees being planted with this program, but you may start seeing more of the program's signs. According to, Bob Ross-themed signs were planted at certain state parks, too, declaring “Happy Little Trees Ahead" and featuring a smiling caricature of Ross. The signs are currently outside Port Crescent State Park, Orchard Beach State Park and Yankee Springs Recreation Area, with additional signs planned for Ludington State Park, Warren Dunes State Park, and Sleeper State Park.

By the way—where did all those Bob Ross paintings go?

Check THIS out from the New York Times:

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