From the get, it does seem like a pretty cool idea yet, it also seems too outlandish and too good to be true.

You're sitting around and then all of a sudden you get a text out of nowhere by someone you don't even know (and by the way, how did they get your number...) and in the text they tell you that if you will shrink wrap your vehicle in a wrapper that looks like a certain candy bar, you will be able to make up to $500 extra a week.

You've seen vehicles driving around town that are wrapped in the logos of certain products and they always look pretty cool, so why wouldn't you want to jump at this and make an extra five bills a week?

Well, because it is most likely a scam. You see, these things are much easier to research since we have the internet, and the internet says this is most likely a no-no.

In fact the Federal Trade Commission website has the scoop on how car wrap scams work. Actually it's pretty genius how the bad guys figured out a way to dupe yet more unsuspecting people out of their hard earned cash.

Genius, but not cool.

So when you get a call, email, text, carrier pigeon, whatever with the offer of something that seems too good to be know what they say about that.

Get more info here from the Federal Trade Commission website.

By the way, since we could all use a little distraction, check out the sweet gallery below of delicious chocolates.

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A Gallery Of Delicious Chocolates

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