They are countless. Scams. Scams about everything from "a king has died in a small country but not before leaving you a small fortune in an off shore account" to the "this is the IRS and you owe us back taxes and we're going to throw you in prison", to unfortunately even lately scams where people are being taken advantage of in the name of the Coronavirus and COVID-19.

However, there's one scam that's a bit more light-hearted where nobody really gets hurt. That is if you call maybe really scaring some people light-hearted.

Maybe you've already seen it and have been scammed. It's the scam making the rounds on Facebook that Governor Whitmer is stopping alcohol sales. Then when you click the link you find out that you've been had. But the good part is that you nor your Facebook account are being compromised in any way.

See. Light-hearted fun. Nobody gets hurt. Some people only really, really panic for a second or two until they find out the truth.

By the brother-in-law. What a joker...

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