The Lansing area has a lot of great options when it comes to a good Bloody Mary. From a 'Build Your Own' to a 'DIY Bloody Mary Bar' to a Bloody Mary that comes with cheeseburger sliders and a whole House-Smoked Rotisserie Chicken, you've got plenty of options.

First, if you're looking for one of the more unique Bloody Mary options in the Lansing area, you might want to head to the Watershed Tavern and Grill on Marsh Road in Haslett. They actually offer a full Bloody Mary menu from a 'Classic Bloody Mary' to the 'Bloody Shed Beast' that is pictured in the photo gallery above and yes, it comes with a whole rotisserie chicken.

There are also several options in the Lansing area if you want to make your own Bloody Mary. Leo's Lodge offers a $4 'Build Your Own' Bloody Mary special on Saturdays and Sundays. Capital Prime offers you the chance to 'Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary' on Sundays from 10 am until 3 pm. Also, Tavern and Tap offers a DIY Bloody Mary Bar on Saturdays and Sundays during their brunch hours for only $5. However, you should know that Tavern and Tap is currently closed for renovations. You can click here to find out more.

Please feel free to let us know where you get your favorite Bloody Mary in Lansing!

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