I have been going out to dinner and visited a bar or two the last few weeks for a cold beer. I must admit, I have really missed it.  It's so great to interact with waiters, waitresses, and bartenders again. Last Friday night I was having a good time and they did last call at 9:40.  Seemed off because it was so early to go home on a Friday night.

Those folks working the late shift could catch last call, and bars could pocket extra sales after missing out heavily during Michigan's pandemic, if bars and restaurants could stay open till 2, or until 4 a.m.

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According to fox47.com:

Bill sponsor Rep. Ryan Berman testified in front of a state House committee last week that the measure would allow local municipalities to adopt their own rules to extend the pre-pandemic cutoff of 2 a.m. to make it 4 a.m.

He also said with this extension, many businesses could financially recover from the pandemic because there’s a big market for late night alcohol sales. This really would help all of us start to recover and get back to normal. I am for anything to get all our businesses back to making money and putting this mess behind us.

So what do you think? Would you be in favor of this bill?

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