Forget the windchill readings. Forget that Lindsey Vonn is NOT going to the Olympics, so she can stay home on her couch and watch the Olympic Ice Dancing competition with her boyfriend, Tiger Woods. Forget even that Michigan State's football team finished ranked No. 3, when they should have been ranked No. 2.  Seriously, a 12-2 team beats a 13-1 team that WON their BCS bowl game??

These stories ALL pale in comparison to the top news story of the day.

Bigfoot is dead. Here's the story.

However, let's not forget - Bigfoot has many LIVING cousins. Apparently, some of them are waiting to see you when you head north next summer. The latest season of "Finding Bigfoot" on the Animal Planet Channel features a couple from Menominee who captured a Sasquatch on their trail camera. This comes after an earlier show that featured sightings around Houghton Lake.

By: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images.
By: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images.

                    A stunning loss for the beef jerky industry. R.I.P. Bigfoot.



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